The Top 5 reasons why..
Logical RAM Solutions is the "memory supplier of choice" to over 500 public school districts and universities nationwide...

Product Specialization
We are highly specialized, handling strictly computer memory and portable data storage.. Our customers enjoy an unprecedented service level and product expertise. We work with a diverse group of factories to ensure that our customers have full memory support for their entire network .. from “ old but still useful” computers to “state of the art” new workstations and servers.
Focus on our specific customers: Education
Since our inception in 2001, we’ve continued to focus entirely on being the best memory resource for educational institutions. We’ve earned our national reputation via our unrelenting attention to provide high quality, reliable memory products at low pricing … and backing it all up with quick, responsive, and highly experienced product support.
Quality of our products
All of our memory uses Major Brand DRAM: These are the industry leaders in quality control, testing, and reliability of DRAM "Chips". {Examples.. Samsung, Elpida, Hynix, Micron, Nanya, Quimondo, etc...
All of our memory uses High Performance Cards: All of the minute electrical connections in your memory card are separated by layers of PCB "insulation" to reduce heat and transfer errors; A "High Performance Card" will have 6 to 8 layers, which creates far better heat insulation, processing stability, and reliability than common cards.
Cost of RAM
We have several production facilities, and because of our cumulative national demand and the flexibility of multiple production partners, we are able to consistently deliver very high quality memory at very low pricing.
Warranty Policies
All of our memory modules carry a “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” to the original purchaser. All of our LRS memory modules are individually labeled with our “LRS Logo and item description”… Even years into the future, you’ll know exactly what the module is, where you got it, and who to call for replacement.
Should you ever have a failed memory module, simply email us or call the Toll Free number. We will immediately ship out the replacement along with a pre-paid return shipping label. It's as easy as that!
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