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Since 2002, Logical RAM Solutions Inc. has been supplying high quality, low cost memory products and portable storage solutions to school districts and universities across the country.

We support thousands of desktops, servers, notebooks, printers and other computing devices..both old and new, and have earned the trust and patronage of many of the largest and most respected educational institutions in the USA.

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We'd like to show you just WHY we have so many satisfied customers.

Full memory support for Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba.
High Performance Memory Products for Education

High quality memory parts: that are guaranteed compatible with your systems and carry a lifetime warranty against product failure. . .

Major Brand Dram: on high quality boards, all configured to exact system performance specifications.

Direct Factory Pricing: Our customers enjoy reliable, high quality memory products at significant overall cost savings.

Consistency of Product: We keep detailed records of your previous upgrades, insuring that all past and future network upgrades share compatibility.

Rapid and Direct Delivery: of product with packaging and labeling to your specifications.

Highly accessible technical support: with toll free technical and product configuration assistance.

High Quality Components

Major Brand DRAM

Factory Direct Pricing

Product Consistency

Rapid Order Processing

Experienced Technical Support
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